Those Burgundy Nails


I can honestly say that burgundy is such a beautiful shade. It is deep, dreamy, classic and all the sophisticated words that can be thrown out there. Obviously, this is spring and everywhere we look there is a pastel here, a pastel there. Yet, I am one of those people who will wear dark nails all year round, I just don't care. Why not indulge in some deep sexy burgundy, wine reds, even bright reds for that matter. The two I have as my favourites so far are by two different brands. Number one is China Glaze and the second is Rimmel London. I will go through the pros and cons of each shade/bottle so you can see the difference. I swatched china glaze, which in the picture looks surprisingly similar to rimmel but close up they are remarkably different. 
So, lets get on with it:


Ah! such a treat this one, if you ever thought of a perfect evening burgundy with subtle shimmer in it this is the one. It is true to the colour on application and is even easier to apply with one coat. You can get full coverage with only one coat. The thick brush allows for clean, even distribution of colour on the nail (especially if you have long nail beds like me.) The undertones of the shade are on the cooler blue/cherry side with a deep purple shimmer in the light. It claims to have a 'professional finish' which it does and this lasted me 7 days straight without chipping.(unless i was careless opening bottles etc.)


Well, this is my favourite of the two mainly because of the deep wine colour, venturing into a deep red/brown. This is part of the 'On safari' 2012 collection. Firstly, the formula is great, I have seen other reviews where some people complained about the streaky formula. To clarify this, I personally love the formula but it is the brush tip that lets it down (the streaky application.) You have to be quick when you use this polish especially if applying on long nails. The narrow brush really needs to be improved by China Glaze, the first coat is a bit fiddly but when I started on the second coat things seem to smooth out evenly leaving me with a dreamy full cover burgundy manicure. It lasts me 4/5 days, it does chip quicker than the Rimmel if you don't add a top coat. Only con is China Glaze costs more.

Let me know any other beautiful burgundy shades you have, that I can try. 

My Beauty Review: March

March Favorites tag

This March favourites has come a little early, with only a few days left I decided it would be a good plan to just throw it on the blog asap.

L'Occitane De Provence Hand Cream: 
I always start with a good hand cream in my daily routine. Lately all i can do is talk about L'Occitane hand creams, sounding like a broken record now. Yet I find in their range you can get a good selection of shea butter percentage. Meaning, I personally prefer a hand cream that will not make everything I touch greasy or slippery. This 20% shea butter tube is good at hydrating the skin and smoothing any rough areas leaving them soft to the touch. My hands are not shiny or sticky, just perfectly soft. 

Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher:
Such a mouthful of a name and just as great on the skin for a silky base before foundation. I like this particular formula for it's even application. It may not minimize my pores as I had hoped but it does a good job at blurring them out. It is really nice to use on the days when my face feels especially dry. It is great value for the price as it lasts quite a long time. I have oily skin and this does not control the oil in any way whatsoever, so keep that in mind. Using a matte primer on top will help to keep the foundation matte if you have oily skin. It is good at protecting the skin, reducing flakiness and keeping things beautifully smooth. Acts like a serum, but the texture of a luxurious lotion. 50ml

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Restoring Serum:
Yet one more great serum skin product. I find this to be super light and hydrating on my skin these days. I have been going through stages of dryness, random sensitivity and acne break outs. All of this is quite stressful to deal with as my skin is normally well behaved. Now that we are transitioning in to warmer weather, it is still quite chilly resulting in dry air. My skin has been loving this serum by L'oreal. Usually when I think of a serum, words like; Oil & thick come to mind but not with this. It applies like a light lotion and is immediately absorbed in to the skin. It has a slight cooling effect (not tingly) which is very calming. My skin looks matte and is left feeling intensely hydrated. Perfect on the 'tight-uncomfortable skin' days. It has a three step action: Restoring, Hydrating & Toning. Which leaves the skin feeling richly moisturised, with silky-smooth results. Perfect. 50ml

Maybelline Color Show:
After being tempted by the spring 2014 nail polish collections that have been coming out recently, I just couldn't help myself. This is the perfect skin tone nude to wear throughout the season. I have been wearing this shade in 'Mauve Kisses' everywhere; social events, interviews, casual dates and i get lots of compliments. It is the perfect subtle manicure without being too girly. Great if you want a more grown up pastel manicure. It goes on evenly with one coat and dries pretty quick too. Only con is that it does chip quickly so you need a top coat!

No.7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection 50+:
There is nothing much to be said about this product, other than it is a necessity in my regime. Sun protection is very important to me even in the winter months. I know foundation these days contains pretty decent UV protection but you can't go wrong with 50+. I love that this tube packs so much protection for daily use. I have not tested it against flash photography in the evenings; we all know the horrible ghost face that results from spf. I can happily use this till the end of time! I use a matte primer after this product. 

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara:
Nothing gives my lashes that full root effect than this, and believe me I have used quite a lot of mascaras. I do have sensitive skin; and I tend to be wary of eye make up nowadays as I do get itchy. I have purchased many high end brands only to find they give me teary eyes. The body shop never gives me tears, or redness. It lasts all day and never flakes. I have oily eyelids, in fact just full on oily face so mascaras have been put to the test! I can say this one is a keeper. It does not have that lengthening effect but it certainly does give volume. Do not be put off by the size of the brush bristle, this will really help to get to the roots and evenly distribute the product without clumping. Only con is, the plastic packaging is impossible to open. 

Thanks for stepping in to view my humble March favourites.

Spring Jungle

Alexander Wang

Alexander McQueen

It is finally spring! Not that I hate any other seasons, just feel like I have to say that. I kind of get the feeling looking around that there is a slight grandma-vibe (but the cool grandma who has cute vintage pieces) motif going on. Lots of paisley, dainty floral, mix-and-match lace with print. I mean the list goes on, I have also seen some pretty awesome Jungle-chic digital prints, with some cool 70's colour palettes. I saw this skull ring by McQueen and thought, of all the skulls I see in accessories this is the least creepy looking one. I can adorn my finger with a bit of pirate motif. It seems anything goes this season! So knock yourselves out. I particularly appreciate the slim trousers, soft spring knitwear like the one above by Alexander Wang. The super pretty pink cotton blend ribbed hem and cuff sweater is so reminiscent of my childhood weekend staples, which i guess can be my 'vintage' addition. I love it and any excuse to wear knitwear for as long as I physically can this season I am in 100%. 

You can find both items at feathers:

Illustration Features: Trapped Magazine

Nike Air Max 1 and A$AP Rocky ‘Js Wings 2.0′

I have been taking a little break from blogging lately due to other projects. I thought I could start things off nicely for the coming summer with one of my illustration features for Trapped Magazine. This is a cool and informative online and quarterly publication: Lifestyle, Music, Sneakers, Artists and Fashion. Not just that you can find everything you need to know about upcoming events happening in the noisy city that is London. So, I really enjoyed doing this feature for the magazine and can't wait to collaborate again soon!

Please visit the website for full article:

L'Occitane Creme Mains


This is a adorable little tin box of L'occitane hand cream. It contains a collection of 10ml size provencial pleasures, in four different scents that will provide hydration, smoothness and mild fragrance to your hands. They each have enough hand cream to last you a good few months, perfect for on the go and best enjoyed in rotation. So there is no need to have dry, sore hands while you are out and about. They could be useful stashed in your office desk!

Hand cream

The lightweight box can go in your handbag if you want to travel somewhere. In there you will find; 

10ml 20% Shea Butter
10ml Amande 'Delicious Hands' Moisturizes & Smoothes
10ml Cherry Blossom
10ml Pivoine Flora (Peony) 

All of them make for a sweet gift or even just for yourself. I have lost so many tubes of full sized hand cream, it is so annoying when I suddenly have to run to Boots to pick up a new one, So these little tubes are perfect to throw in a handbag and travel. I suggest giving these a try!

...This exclusive set came out around Christmas time so not sure if it is available to purchase as a set BUT you can pick the travel sizes individually online. Here are a couple alternative travel size gift sets I love that are currently available online;

L'Occitane Mere Soap Gift Set.


100g Milk Bonne Mere Soap
100g Lavender Bonne Mere Soap
100g Rose Bonne Mere Soap
100g Linden Bonne Mere Soap
100g Verbena Bonne Mere Soap
100g Honey Bonne Mere Soap

Nourishing Hand Cream Trio


30ml Shea Butter (x3)